Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Clock is Ticking

The clock is ticking, and I really need your help.

As you know, at 9pm EDT, less than 12 hours from now, I will be taking part in a nationally televised Republican presidential debate. Tonight’s debate is a wonderful opportunity to get our message out to millions of Americans and build support for the campaign.

Many of you have asked, “What can I do to support your campaign?” More than anything right now, I need your help to build grassroots support across the country. So, I am asking you to help spread this Sign Up America! email campaign immediately to recruit 24,000 new supporters in the next 24 hours.

Here’s what I’m asking:

1. Click here to make a contribution of $24, $48, $96, $250, $1000 or however much you can to help get my message out and build our organization.

2. Forward this message to everyone you know, asking them to make a contribution and to continue spreading this Sign Up America! email campaign.
That’s it!

How can something so simple make such a huge impact? Through the power of exponential growth.

You recruit 10 friends to show their support through the Sign Up America! e-mail campaign, and they each get 10 friends, and so on; in no time at all, tens of thousands of people will have been invited by their close friends and associates to join Team Mitt! All because you took 10 minutes right now to spread this message.

But you must act immediately after reading this message. Marketing research shows that the crucial factor for maximizing an e-mail campaign is immediate action by the e-mail recipient. The faster everyone acts, the more it will spread in 24 hours, and the more people will join Team Mitt and support my campaign.

So, please don’t delay. Take just 10 minutes right now to show your support with a contribution. Then, hurry and forward this message to everyone you know to help build our campaign!

Thank you for all your support at this critical time.

With warmest regards,

Mitt Romney

P.S. Remember to take just 10 minutes right now to make a contribution, or join Team Mitt. Even if you can’t make a contribution at this time, please spread the Sign Up America! e-mail campaign by forwarding this message to everyone you know!

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