Saturday, July 28, 2007

Romney Week in Review
July 27, 2007

This week, Governor Mitt Romney campaigned in New Hampshire and in Iowa, as he continued to focus on strengthening the American family and protecting our children. Specifically, he announced a new initiative to prevent pornography from reaching children on their computers by ensuring that every parent has access to software filters that guard against unwanted exposure to sexual material.

Read the Policy Briefing to learn more or watch video of Governor Romney's comments on the stunning news that 29,000 people on MySpace were recently discovered to have records as sex offenders.

Governor Romney also discussed the "inconvenient truth" that Democrat presidential contenders don't want you to know: they're planning to raise your taxes.

Speaking in Des Moines on Thursday, Governor Romney made clear that "there's a fundamental difference. Our Democratic friends think that the best thing that you can do for our future is to give more money to the government. And my view is the best thing you can do economically for our future is to invest in our future by investing in enterprises."

And he contrasted his proposal to eliminate all taxes on investment income for middle-class families with Senator Edwards' plan to exempt only $250 in such income from taxes. As Governor Romney said, "That's not going to pay for college, or retirement, or a car – maybe a bike..."

Following the Democrat debate this week, in which Senator Obama said that he'd jump at the chance to meet with dictators in Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba And North Korea, Governor Romney replied, "It’s absolutely extraordinary that someone could be so out of touch with the nature of our world ... The president of the United States does not bestow our dignity and the power of our reputation around the world around those people ... It's a remarkable difference if a Democratic president like Barack Obama were running this country." Click here to learn more about Governor Romney's vision of a stronger defense against defeatist Democrats.

Finally, Governor Romney was interviewed by Richard Miniter of Pajamas Media from Okoboji, Iowa. He discussed his committment to victory in Iraq, his plans to cut taxes and wasteful Washington spending, and the importance of fixing our broken immigration system.

Watch the video of this great interview now on Pajamas Media!

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