Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Romney 'wins' among Young Republicans

Young GOP straw poll results tallied*

HOLLYWOOD -- The straw poll results from the Young Republicans national convention are tallied, but according to some attendees, they come with a big asterisk.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney, who spoke moments before the balloting, won* with 46 percent followed by former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson with 28 percent and then former mayor Rudy Giuliani with 10 percent. The other seven candidates took a combined 22 percent. A total of 366 votes were counted.

The asterisk was prompted by a number of Thompson fans who complained that some Romney supporters were voting even though they weren't Young Republican members.

It seems Thompson's folks lost sight of the fact that the straw poll is absolutely meaningless -- it's just for fun.

An interesting note: Guess who was in charge of supervising, qualifying voters and counting ballots? The Broward County Supervisor of Elections office.

--John Frank, Times staff writer

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