Monday, July 2, 2007

Week in Review 6/29

Romney Week in Review
June 29, 2007

This week, Governor Mitt Romney gathered family, friends and supporters from across the country at Boston's Fenway Park and TD Banknorth Garden for "America's Calling," a fundraising event which succeeded in raising important financial resources as the second-quarter deadline approaches. Among those attending the fundraising event and making more than 20,000 telephone calls were U.S. Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT), former Congressman Henry Bonilla (R-TX) and eBay CEO Meg Whitman.

Click here to scroll through our "America's Calling" photo albums, including this great shot of Governor Romney's son Craig catching some air at Fenway.

And then click here to contribute before June 30th to help the campaign make another impressive showing.

In a related internal memo released today, senior advisers to Governor Romney provide a better understanding of some of the reporting and analysis we can expect to see during the coming days as the fundraising quarter ends.

They write, "our overall fundraising total, and what the campaign has been able to do with the money, is more significant than just a snapshot of the amount raised for the second quarter. During this past quarter, the campaign succeeded in significantly expanding its political and financial base as Governor Romney continued to introduce himself to voters through aggressive campaigning and impressive debate performances." Read the entire memo in PDF format by clicking here.

Also this week, Governor Romney applauded the United States Supreme Court's decision on Wednesday to overturn a portion of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law: "Score one for free speech ... McCain-Feingold was a poorly-crafted bill. Today's decision restores, in part, to the American people a right critical to their freedom of political participation and expression."

Finally, following the failure of the Senate immigration bill yesterday, Governor Romney commented, "The immigration bill failed because the politicians in Washington are out of touch with the American people. The voice of the people is loud and clear - secure the border, enforce the law and no special deal for permanent residency or citizenship for illegals. America will always welcome legal immigration, but as a nation we also insist on the rule of law."

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