Saturday, August 4, 2007

Romney Week in Review
August 3, 2007

This week, Governor Mitt Romney urged Americans to honor the surge of sacrifice of our fighting men and women around the globe with a surge of support for their mission. Governor Romney: "We don't just need a surge on the ground in Iraq - we need a surge of support for our troops as well. Democrats say they support the troops, but many don't support the work they are doing to make the surge successful. Representative Clyburn, the third-highest ranking House Democrat, said it would be a 'real big problem' for Democrats if progress is made in Iraq. That's not a problem but good news for all Americans. "

Visit to watch Governor Romney as he speaks to the importance of this initiative. And then please assist one or more of the listed charitable organizations to send your support to our military men and women who are making such tremendous sacrifices for the safety of all Americans.
Also this week, as Mitt's son Josh nears the end of his 99-county tour of Iowa, FOX News' Greta Van Susteren interviewed Josh and his brothers Matt and Craig. She even received a guided tour of the Mitt Mobile! Read Tagg Romney's post on the interview on "Five Brothers" and then watch excerpts from this great "On The Record" interview.

As the Ames Straw Poll quickly approaches on August 11, watch Governor Romney as he discusses the event's crucial role in the Iowa caucuses and our Republican primary process. Governor Romney: "It's a great way to measure who are the folks that have the character and vision and the organization, the fundraising capacity, all of the elements it takes to win the Presidency."

Finally, in the run up to Ames next weekend, Governor Romney will participate this Sunday morning in a live 90-minute debate on ABC News, hosted by George Stephanopoulos of "This Week."

Click here to find what time the debate airs on your local ABC affiliate. Make sure to keep your eyes on Debate Central at throughout the weekend, where we'll be featuring continuous updates from before, during and after the debate!

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