Thursday, September 27, 2007

Conservatives With Attitude hosts their first straw poll

2008 GOP Presidential Candidates Forum & Straw Poll

In case you haven’t already heard, yours truly, Conservatives With Attitude!, will be holding its much awaited Conservative Leadership Brunch this Saturday, September 29, 2007. This event, the 2008 GOP Presidential Candidates Forum, will host a panel of surrogates for current candidates, who will each try to convince the audience why their man is the best out of the bunch and the candidate to beat Hillary for president of our nation.

For anyone interested in national politics or who has been following the election, this forum should not be missed – it is presently the only event of its kind throughout the state of New Jersey being held before the February primary. And unlike the nationally televised presidential debates, a question and answer session will allow the audience to interact with the surrogates and have their own concerns addressed.

With the New Jersey primary only a few months away, this forum will thoroughly inform voters about this important race. Featured speakers include NJ Senator Joe Kyrillos, Dr. Murray Sabrin, Bill Spadea, and Jason Forman; anyone who has heard any of them speak will know how highly the audience will be impressed. The brunch will then wrap up with a state-wide straw poll, open to anyone attending the event. So come make your vote count before the primary - results will be posted on this site.

And for all you Conservatives With Attitude! fans out there, you may even get to meet your favorite bloggers in the flesh. With any luck, they’ll be signing autographs…

Don’t miss this event! Register today by downloading a registration form or calling 201-708-6610.

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