Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Message From Senator Joe Kyrillos NJ Chairman for Mitt Romney

A Message From Senator Joe Kyrillos

Dear Friends,

Governor Romney remains in a strong position to win the Republican nomination. He has won the most delegates to the Republican National Convention, and following last night's victory in Michigan, he will go into Super Tuesday with powerful momentum. New Jersey's presidential primary is now less than three weeks away, and Governor Mitt Romney needs our support now more than ever.

Today I am writing to let you know about a change in New Jersey's law that allows you to vote from home by absentee ballot without an excuse.

In the past, you had to be sick or out of state on Election Day to use an absentee ballot, but you can now do so without an excuse, avoiding long lines and the hassle of getting to the polls.

I encourage you to fill out the ballot application by clicking here, and return it to your County Clerk. When your ballot arrives in the mail, vote for the candidate of your choice.

For a list of New Jersey County Clerks, please click here.

The deadline to submit an application is January 29, so please complete and mail the form as soon as possible.

Every vote will be important here in New Jersey, and Governor Romney is counting on our support to make the difference.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you!

With best wishes,

Joe Kyrillos

Absentee ballot application: (Click Here)

Find your county clerk: (Click Here)

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