Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Message From Senator Joe Kyrillos

Dear Friends,

As you have probably heard, today Governor Mitt Romney announced his decision to suspend his presidential campaign.

Gov. Romney entered this race out of love for America and to build a better tomorrow for future generations. It is because of that love that he has decided to step aside and help our party unite in a national campaign.

We have made a tremendous effort here in New Jersey and across the country for Governor Romney. I know that he greatly appreciates, as I do, everything that you have done.

Republicans cannot afford to be divided in the general election, and Governor Romney knows that our country must stand united in the fight against violent Jihadists. Protecting America from terrorism is too important to allow the Democrats any headstart in organizing their campaign.

Our efforts helped Governor Romney win 11 states and over 4 million votes for his vision of conservative change in Washington. Now, we must move forward in different ways, but always with the security of our homeland in mind. Many thanks for all of your hard work throughout this campaign.

With best wishes,

Joe Kyrillos

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