Sunday, February 3, 2008

Quick Super Tues. Poll Breakdown

This is just a quick break down of Super Tuesday where Mitt is above both McCain and Huckabee.

In California: Romney leads in Southern California and among women, investors, and voters over 50. Romney holds a double digit lead there among conservatives and leads 56%-18% among very conservative voters. Romney also leads among white voters and among those who say that the war on terror and immigration are top issues.

In Colorado according to The Denver Post: Mitt Romney enjoys a dominant, 19-point lead over John McCain among Republicans likely to attend Colorado caucuses Feb. 5, with Mike Huckabee trailing and Ron Paul, according to a Denver Post poll.

Georgia: Romney and McCain are toe to toe, John McCain finds himself in a tight three-way race in that Southern State’s Primary. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds McCain attracting 31% of the vote while Mitt Romney picks up 29% and Mike Huckabee gets 28%. However, the race remains amazingly fluid just days before voters go to the polls. Twelve percent (12%) of Georgia’s Likely Republican Primary Voters say there’s a good chance they could change their mind before voting. Another 22% say they might change their mind. Before McCain’s significant victory Florida’s Presidential Primary, Huckabee was leading by fifteen percentage points in Georgia. Now, Romney appears to be gaining some “Anybody-but-McCain” support. The former Massachusetts Governor has struggled in the South throughout the campaign.

Idaho: Mitt Romney looks like he is in good shape.

Kansas: In the last Poll ran in this state, Mitt Romney had the lead.

Massachusetts: Solid win.

Tennessee: The situation remains very fluid as 10-15% of each major candidate’s supporters say there’s a good chance they could change their mind before voting. Just 63% of all voters are “certain” they will stick with their current candidate. The survey was conducted Wednesday night, six days before Election Day. At one point not too long ago, the Tennessee Primary was expected to give a big victory to favorite son candidate Fred Thompson. However, Thompson dropped out of the race following a disappointing performance in the early state primaries. Romney edges McCain by a 32% to 29% margin among conservative voters. McCain earns 38% of the moderate vote while Huckabee gets 22% and Romney 17%.

Utah: Easy win.

Data and information came from Zogby's and Rasmussen's latest polls.

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