Tuesday, March 11, 2008

McCain aims to recharge campaign with money, credentials

Mitt Romney is getting talked up again as a possible vice presidential pick for John McCain.

But even as he argues that Romney appears the best choice, conservative columnist Fred Barnes acknowledges there's one big hitch - McCain doesn't appear to like Romney very much.

Romney endorsed McCain following the former Massachusetts governor's withdrawal from the race after Super Tuesday, but they attacked each other aggressively during the primary campaign.

In an article posted on The Weekly Standard's website, Barnes said McCain's pool of possible VP candidates is not deep. Romney has the advantage of having run a vigorous campaign and of being vetted by the press. "Romney has three other add-ons," Barnes writes, ticking off that Romney is acceptable to social conservatives, does well in debates, and is well versed in economic issues. Romney also has allies in the Bush wing of the Republican Party, Barnes argues.

"Romney thus appears to have the best ratio of virtues to drawbacks," Barnes concludes. "But there's just one problem: McCain doesn't like him. Just how important compatibility is - that is something McCain will have to decide."

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