Wednesday, March 19, 2008

McCain's McMate - SC

McCain's McMate
Benj Buck
March 19, 2008

Many people have speculated over McCain's running mate. To be honest, your guess is as good as mine and I'm not willing to place a bet on any possibilities yet; especially since we don't even know who McCain faces on the ballot. But let's at least consider the possibilities.

MITT ROMNEY: With Hannity & Colmes, the primary contender said that he'd be "honored" to VP up with McCain. Bringing charm to the ticket and leadership credentials that string a mile long, Mitt Romney would be a great choice. However, if Romney plans to occupy the Oval Office himself, he might consider staying clear of marring his resume.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Perhaps one the first VP candidates discussed. Every since the infamous "Gang of 14" Graham has been seen as buttering McCain for a place on the ticket. Recently, Graham has put a lot of travel time in with McCain. If McCain faces Obama this might be a possibility; however, if McCain faces Hillary he'll most likely choose a more favorable conservative to distance himself more from Hillary.

MARK SANFORD: Another South Carolinian gives McCain some southern strength. Conservatives are going to love the Governor's track record and Sanford's ability to attract industries to South Carolina provides added bonus. Not to mention he brings youth to the ticket at 47. Another plus for a Sanford choice is that as a governor, he brings executive experience to the ticket. However, this young governor adds little "wow factor" as an unknown.

CHARLIE CRIST: Notice on a lot of McCain's stages a tanned, white headed man. Look in front of Lindsey Graham and typically right next to McCain. That's the new governor of Florida, a strategical swing state. Though McCain could use a pull from Florida, McCain needs youth.

KAY HUTCHISON: Perhaps most likely female possibility comes from Texas. Kay Hutchison finds approval with conservatives and brings more possibilities from a larger state.

MIKE HUCKABEE: Some say his only reason for staying around so long is to continue a support base that makes him a strong VP choice. He does bring personality, debate skills, and evangelicals for McCain. However, Huckabee's record as a governor is not the prettiest.

TIM PAWLENTY: Minnesota's governor seems a likely candidate as well. With youth (47) and economic-smarts, Pawlenty could pull support in the north. However, Pawlenty's support fell short of effective in Minnesota were Mitt Romney won the primary.

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