Monday, May 7, 2007

WBZ: Exclusive Poll Has Romney, Clinton Leading In N.H.

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(WBZ) BOSTON An exclusive, new WBZ-TV poll of New Hampshire voters shows Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton leading their respective parties in the race for the presidency.

According to a SurveyUSA poll of 551 likely Republican Primary voters, Mitt Romney gathered 32%, followed by Rudy Guiliani at 23% and John McCain with 22%. Fred Thompson finished fourth with 11%.

Compared to a similar poll released in January, Giuliani and McCain have each lost 10 points. Romney is up 11 points, resulting in a 21-point swing for Romney among likely GOP Primary voters.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton continues to dominate rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards.

In a poll of 589 likely Democratic Primary voters, Clinton gets 40%, Obama follows with 24%, while John Edwards trails with 22%.

Clinton held the same lead over her challengers in the January poll.

The margin of error for both polls is +/- 4%.

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undecided said...

A 21 point swing?? Could that just be from his debate performance last week? He was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

NH always goes for the more conservative candidate.