Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Week in Review

Romney Week in Review

May 18, 2007

This week, Governor Mitt Romney won the second Republican presidential debate with his vision for a stronger America – a stronger military, a stronger economy and stronger families. On Debate Central at , you can watch the highlights of the debate, behind the scenes footage with Senators Jim DeMint and Jim Talent, and a compilation of "What They're Really Saying About Governor Romney At The South Carolina GOP Debate."

As the debate began, Romney for President successfully launched Sign Up America!, a nationwide grassroots rally to sign up 24,000 new supporters in just 24 hours.

Tagg Romney, the Governor's oldest son, hosted a series of exclusive web videos throughout May 15-16 that tracked our progress and encouraged supporters around the country to grow Team Mitt.

Watch this series of eight videos on Mitt TV now!

After 953 Debate Watch Parties in 48 states, 90 call centers, and the most traffic that has ever had, Governor Romney shattered our goal and signed up over 30,000 new supporters!

With our expanded numbers of grassroots supporters across America, Team Mitt has never had such strength and such momentum. Now we need you to assist Governor Romney and our campaign on a crucial issue of national security.

Yesterday, an immigration deal was reached in the U.S. Senate that falls short of what's needed to solve our country's illegal immigration problem.

Governor Mitt Romney has stood up in opposition and commented, "I strongly oppose today's bill going through the Senate. It is the wrong approach. Any legislation that allows illegal immigrants to stay in the country indefinitely, as the new 'Z-Visa' does, is a form of amnesty. That is unfair to the millions of people who have applied to legally immigrate to the U.S."

Stand with Governor Romney and help get his new ad “Secure Borders” on the airways. Watch the ad for yourself and then make a commitment to help by contributing now. Your voice needs to be heard.

Don’t stand on the sidelines. Border security and a reliable employment verification system must be our first priority.

Your contribution today will ensure Governor Romney’s message reaches as many Americans as possible - Speak Up!

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