Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just in: Blow out WIN for Mitt Romney in Nevada

As reported on Fox News.

Mitt Romney won the Nevada Republican caucuses Saturday, scoring dramatic back-to-back victories in the race for the nomination.

Early returns showed him taking 55 percent in the state, followed by John McCain with 13 percent, Ron Paul with 12 percent, Mike Huckabee with 7 percent, Fred Thompson with 7 percent, Rudy Giuliani with 4 percent and Duncan Hunter with 1 percent.

“Today, the people of Nevada voted for change in Washington. For far too long, our leaders have promised to take the action necessary to build a stronger America, and still the people of Nevada and all across this country are waiting. Whether it is reforming health care, making America energy independent or securing the border, the American people have been promised much and are now ready for change,” Romney said.

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